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8 Tips to Prevent Mold in Your Home


Mold is the last thing you want growing in your home. However, it can grow on just about anything from walls to carpets to clothing. There are just three factors that create a perfect environment for growing mold; moisture, humidity, and a warm temperature. In fact, mold can start growing in just two days with the right conditions.

While there are many types of molds, seeing it is fairly common, it can pose great health risks to you and your family. Just imagine breathing in mold spores during all the hours you spend in your home. Mold exposure could cause congestion, sore throat, asthma attacks, burning eyes, rashes, and irritate allergies.

The best way to manage mold is to prevent it from growing in the first place. Below, you’ll find eight effective tips to prevent mold growth in your home so you can keep the air you breathe fresh and free from harmful substances.

And remember – if you think you have a mold problem, Aegis is just a phone call away. We have extensive experience in mold testing and remediation. Give us a call to start breathing cleaner air today!

1. Keep Humidity Levels Less Than 50%

Mold loves humidity. With moisture in the air, it can start to grow on just about anything it chooses. Humidity mixed with warm temperatures creates the ideal setting for mold to grow. For this reason, mold is most common during the summer months.

There are devices to measure the level of humidity in your home. To keep levels below 50%, use a dehumidifier and an air conditioner to remove moisture from the air.

2. Fix Leaks Promptly

When you discover there’s a leak in your home, fix it as soon as possible. When water sits for weeks or even a few days, mold may grow where it settles. This could be behind walls, on the ceiling, or even under carpeting.

If you know that your home is prone to leaks, routinely check these locations to ensure water is no longer coming in and sitting just waiting for mold to start growing.

3. Let Air Flow Freely

One of the most important prevention tips for mold growth is to let the air in your home flow freely. Keep doors open so the air can move throughout your house. When air sits in one room for too long, too much carbon dioxide is created and can contribute to mold growth.

Every day, open some windows for about 15 minutes to let fresh air into the house. This will keep the humidity levels down and exchange the air in your home.

4. Install a Bathroom Fan

We all love a hot, steamy shower that fogs up the mirror in our bathrooms, and so does mold. The bathroom is the most common place for mold to grow. This smaller space with so much humidity and moisture almost invites mold to enter.

To prevent mold, install a bathroom fan to move the air around and reduce the humidity. It’s best to use this fan while showering and for at least half an hour afterward to clear the air.

5. Keep Rain Water Away

Depending on your property and where your house sits, rainwater may collect near your foundation and leak into your basement. If this is the case, redirect the rainwater away from your home to prevent leaks and mold growth. More complicated cases may require a landscaper.

6. Dry and Disinfect Wet Surfaces

Wet surfaces from spills, humidity, or whatever should be dried and disinfected promptly. Use a towel to wipe up the liquid, then use a disinfectant or cleaning spray to prevent mold and bacteria from growing on the surface. It only takes a few minutes to do, so don’t put it off; you could be sorry in the end.

7. Hang Up Wet Clothing and Towels

How many of us are tempted to throw and leave our wet towel on the floor after a shower? This is actually one of the worst things you can do that encourages mold growth. Not only can mold start growing in the towel or wet clothing, but it could also start growing on your carpeting or flooring where the towel lies.

8. Get Some House Plants

A natural way to prevent mold growth is to introduce some house plants to your home. Certain plants such as the Spider plant, Snake plant, Palms, and English Ivy are perfect for absorbing moisture from the air and preventing mold from growing. Plus, house plants offer other air-purifying qualities you can benefit from.

Call Aegis Environmental to Investigate and Remediate Mold in Your Home! We can do everything we can to prevent mold growth, but sometimes it still isn’t enough. If you find mold in your home, Aegis Environmental will investigate and analyze the mold while also remediating it and getting it out of your household.

Give us a call to clean up any mold you may have, and start breathing cleaner air today.

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