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Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

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The purpose of a Phase I ESA is to identify Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) in connection with a property.

RECs are the presence or likely presence of any hazardous substances or petroleum products on a property under conditions that indicate an existing release, a past release, or a material threat of a release into structures on the property or the ground, groundwater, or surface water of the property. Aegis has developed a Phase I ESA protocol that satisfies the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) Standard Practice requirements for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (E1527-13) and Environmental Protection.

Phase One Environmental Site Assessment

Agency (EPA) All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) rules. Our Phase I ESA includes:

  • A physical inspection of the property and surrounding area.
  • A review of available property records and prior environmental reports.
  • Interviews with property owners or other key property managers.
  • A review of available regulatory files and records.
  • Preparation of a report detailing our findings.

We will provide a professional opinion regarding the potential for contamination. When RECs are identified, and additional investigations are warranted, a Phase II investigation is generally recommended. The Phase II investigation may require sampling and analysis to gather adequate information about the property’s specific environmental condition. If needed, we have the in-house expertise to deliver turn-key solutions that include investigation and remediation.

Comprehensive Environmental Due Diligence

This involves the aforementioned services and a comprehensive review of environmental compliance, including outstanding legal actions and enforcement actions by regulators. It also includes an environmental compliance audit.

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