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Gary & Hammond Commercial Environmental Consulting

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Gary & Hammond Indiana Phase I Site Assessments and UST Management

We also provide: Asbestos Assessments, Lead Investigation, Radon Investigation & Remediation, as well as other environmental services

Gary and Hammond were founded in the early 1900’s as cities built around the steel industry. While the steel industry is nowhere near the size it once was, it remains a major industry in the area today. This is important to understand if you are looking at purchasing commercial real estate in the area. Heavy industries like steel processing and their supporting businesses are known to use regulated compounds in their operations.

If these regulated compounds are released to the environment, they can lead to persistent contamination. In many cases the current landowner is liable for contamination present on a property, regardless of if they owned the property when it was released. It is not uncommon for someone to purchase a commercial property only to find an area of contamination during redevelopment activities leaving the property owner with an expensive cleanup on their hands.

Completing environmental due diligence prior to a commercial property transaction is the best way to limit your environmental liability.

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Phase I ESA

Before you purchase a commercial property, it is important to know its current use and what it has historically been used for. Identifying a property’s use will determine what types of compounds have been present on the property and if there is a risk of contamination. A Phase I ESA pulls data from multiple sources to paint a picture of a property’s use and assess this risk. It is the first step in assessing environmental risk and is a cost-effective way to understand the potential for environmental issues. Aegis has a staff of experienced environmental professionals ready to review your property.

UST Management

Underground storage tanks (USTs) are typically regulated by a local or state agency. This means there is a specific set of procedures and guidelines that must be followed when managing or removing a UST. Correct UST management ranges from notifying the appropriate government agency to correctly cleaning/removing the UST to verification soil sampling. Improper UST management can lead to a variety of consequences, from construction delays to fines. Having an experienced environmental professional oversee the process ensures the process goes smoothly and meets government criteria.

Asbestos Assessment & Remediation

Asbestos was commonly used in building materials across the U.S. from the 1940s through 1970s. We now know that asbestos is a serious health risk and is connected with several chronic medical conditions. As a result, asbestos containing building materials must be correctly managed and disposed of when they are disturbed (like during renovation or demolition). This can be expensive and time consuming. To limit this liability, it is good to have a certified asbestos consultant complete an asbestos assessment as part of your environmental due diligence.

Lead Investigation

Lead is naturally found in soil, but it is also found in higher concentrations in a variety of human made products. There are many industrial processes that use lead, but in most commercial structures the main risk is from lead based paint. Lead based paint was used throughout the U.S. until the late 1970s. If you’re looking at purchasing a commercial property that was constructed prior to the 1980s we recommend completing a lead investigation. It is a cheap and non-invasive process that could help save substantial time and money down the line.

Radon Investigation

Radon is a breakdown product of several radioactive elements that naturally occur in soil. As these elements breakdown radon particles are released into the air. Over time radon particles can migrate through the soil into structures above. This is a concern because radon is a leading cause of lung cancer and is regulated by the federal government. If your property is located in an area with high radon concentrations it is good practice to complete a radon investigation.

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Make sure you know the environmental history of a commercial property before you purchase and limit your environmental liability.
Whether you’re an experienced buyer or new, Aegis Environmental has knowledgeable staff ready to help you navigate the process. For more information call: (219) 221-6092 or request a quote online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Aegis Environmental Provide Full Asbestos Services?

Yes, we have certified asbestos consultants on staff that will take care of your project from initial assessment to abatement, if needed.

Will Aegis Complete UST Management Projects From Start to Finish?

Yes, we provide turn-key solutions for UST management. We work directly with the responsible government agencies, complete the removal process, and can even request a UST reimbursement from state funds if your project qualifies.

My Bank is requiring a Radon Assessment. Can Aegis Help?

Yes, Aegis has staff certified through state and national radon proficiency programs. Additionally, we have years of experience completing radon work and meet bank and regulatory mandated guidelines.

Why Should I Get a Phase I ESA?

A Phase I ESA limits your environmental liability be assessing the risk of contamination being present on a property. Additionally, it is often required by banks and other lending agencies before they provide a loan.

Experts in conducting assessment in accordance with American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocols

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