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Michigan City Commercial Environmental Consulting

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Michigan City Indiana Phase I Site Assessements and UST Management

We also provide: Asbestos Assessments, Lead Investigation, Radon Investigation & Remediation, as well as other environmental services

Located on the coast of Lake Michigan, the small industrial city of Michigan City, Indiana, holds plenty of potential for business owners and real estate investors looking to purchase a commercial property in the area. Thanks to the town’s proximity to the Great Lake and beautiful scenery, with increased summer tourism, you’ll find many opportunities here.

Due to Michigan City’s industrial and manufacturing history, there are some posed environmental threats when acquiring a commercial property. From the presence of underground storage tanks (USTs), asbestos, and contamination of regulated substances, it’s important to thoroughly inspect and assess the environmental risks and impact your commercial building may present on the surrounding area and the people who use it.

If there are issues, such as environmental contamination or health problems resulting from your commercial building, you could be held liable. To protect yourself and the surrounding environment and residents, it’s essential to investigate the property with Aegis Environmental to prevent these events from happening.

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Phase I Site Assessment

The first step in identifying current and historical environmental concerns in your newly bought property is to complete a Phase I ESA. This test will detect the presence of controlled substances that might contaminate soil gas, groundwater, or soil, which causes grave environmental problems. It might be difficult to identify if there are concerns present without this low-cost environmental test. A specialist will visit your business site and examine any environmental dangers in order to secure the safety of you, your employees, your property, and the surrounding environment.

UST Underground Storage Tank Management

When an underground storage tank (UST) is present on your commercial property, you may be able to detect it yourself, but, in other circumstances, a professional inspection is required. If you discover a UST on your property, it must be examined, removed, cleaned, and disposed of safely and securely. This method varies depending on the unique circumstance and does need the effort and attention of an environmental specialist to devise a plan of action and oversee the correct removal and disposal of the UST.

Commercial Asbestos Assessments

Until 1989, asbestos was utilized to insulate commercial buildings. This pink carcinogen is hazardous to one’s health and has been linked to lung cancer and other respiratory problems. If asbestos is discovered in your commercial building, you are responsible for securely removing it. Working with competent professionals who can properly dispose of this hazardous substance is the safest method to minimize your responsibility. You should consider an inspection to find out if a property contains asbestos before buying it, which Aegis Environmental’s expert inspection service will assist you with.

Lead Investigation

While lead is a naturally occurring metal, it is extremely hazardous to human health. In the past, lead was found in many everyday items, including children’s toys, cosmetics, gasoline, and even the paint we used to coat our homes’ walls. If you buy a commercial property built before 1978, when lead-based paint was formally outlawed by the government, you must undertake a lead investigation and take actions to correct the problem in order to establish a safe environment.

Radon Investigation

Another naturally occurring element that may be found in your commercial building is radon. However, if breathed in a confined place, it can cause serious health complications, including respiratory disorders. Radon is a gas that is generated from soil and can leak into basements if there are foundation cracks or other minor entrance sites, preventing the gas from dispersing leading it to become hazardous. It is critical to do a radon assessment if there are known elevated levels of radon on the property you are acquiring. Our technicians at Aegis Environmental will test the radon levels in your building and analyze the issue.

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When acquiring a commercial facility in Michigan City, Indiana, do your research with Aegis Environmental to reduce your liability and environmental effect. With over two decades of expertise, we have assisted many property owners in creating a more secure and ecologically sound environment. Call (219) 221-6092 or request a quote online for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Asbestos Services Does Aegis Provide?

Aegis offers full-service asbestos examination and removal. Our core services range from property inspections through asbestos abatement and include air monitoring and analysis, destructive sampling, clearance sampling, and demolition/renovation asbestos surveys.

Is Aegis Capable of Dealing with a Large Tank on an Active Job Site?

Yes, we have dealt with hundreds of tank closures in a variety of settings, from active building sites to agricultural holdings. We collaborate with onsite teams to ensure minimal disturbance during tank removal. We also do high-quality work in accordance with OSHA laws.

What is Radon, and Why Should I Test for It?

Radon is a naturally occurring odorless radioactive gas emitted by the earth. It can infiltrate your building through cracks or gaps in the slab or foundation. If inhaled for a long time period, this gas might cause major health problems. There is an allowable amount of radon that can be present in your building regulated by the federal and state government. Anything over this must be remedied.

My Lender Needs a Phase I ESA – Does Aegis Provide Reports That Meet Their Requirements?

Yes, after completing a Phase I ESA, lenders accept our findings. Our reports conform with industry standards specified by the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) Standard Practice Standards for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (E1527-21) and Environmental Protection.

Experts in conducting assessment in accordance with American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocols

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