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Moisture and mold are the perfect pair to cause despair!

Springtime in the Midwest most often means rain, and moisture provides the perfect condition for mold to grow in your home.  Mold grows in areas of your home with the most humidity and moisture; think bathrooms and basement.    Other places you may see mold are the attic, crawl space, under the carpet, behind ceiling tiles, and heating and air system, to name just a few.  The first action is preventing mold growth when you move into a new space.  

Take action by checking for and fixing any leaks around your house.  The following link provided by the EPA is a helpful resource; leaks not only waste water, but they will contribute to the moisture level in your home.  Ready?  Set.  Go!  Complete the 10-minute water sense challenge! 

Another good habit to form when you want a healthy home is to use a dehumidifier or an air conditioner during humid weather, ensure your home is well-ventilated, and choose flooring other than carpet in bathrooms and the basement. 

 If you see mold in your home, you must act.  Mold travels like dust particles, and mold can go where dust can go too.   Seek advice from a professional when you discover or suspect mold in your home.  Wipe out mold quickly; the longer it is left untreated, the risk of contaminating other rooms in your home increases.   A qualified professional will help identify the source(s) of moisture in your home and test for mold when appropriate.  The inspection and mold test results will determine if a clean-up by a professional is in your best interest. 

Indoor mold can cause significant health problems.  However, an allergic reaction occurs most commonly after touching or inhaling mold.  Side effects of an allergic reaction to mold can be mild or more concerning, especially for people with asthma, children, or people who are elderly.  You will need to consult with your doctor for health-related concerns and questions. 

In closing, ‘tis the season for moisture, which often accelerates mold growth.  Being proactive is best; there are several ways to prevent mold growth;  check your home for leaks, use a dehumidifier, and do not carpet your bathroom floor when redecorating!  If you find mold, call a professional to identify the type of mold that is growing, and when necessary, let them do the clean-up.  Don’t despair; our team of safe space experts is just a phone call away.

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