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Residential Indoor Air Quality

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Indoor Air Quality Testing

NOTE: Please read our most recent article about Indoor Air Quality Concerns

Indoor air quality is a growing concern among homeowners. The air inside your home could be more polluted than the air outside your home. Pollutants such as carbon monoxide/dioxide, pesticides, asbestos, mold, lead, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) could infiltrate your home. Services provided by Aegis include:

  • Initial survey
  • In-depth investigations
  • Remediation
  • Indoor air monitoring
  • Chemical exposure evaluation

Aegis provides testing in the following areas of indoor air quality:

  • Mold/fungus and bacteria
  • VOC’s
  • Asbestos
  • Carbon monoxide/dioxide
  • Radon
  • Particulates
  • Pesticides
  • Insecticides
  • Others

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Quality Testing

Will my family or I feel sick if the air quality in our home is poor?
You or others in your home may have some health effects show up shortly after a single exposure or repeated exposures to a pollutant in the air in your home. These health effects might include irritation of the eyes, nose, or throat.  You may experience headaches, dizziness, and fatigue.  If you currently have concerns about your health, it is in your best interest to seek answers from a medical professional.  While we can test air quality in your home, we are not qualified to diagnose any medical condition.  While general symptoms are associated with specific air problems, we will only administer tests for which you ask.  Our team members will discuss your concerns and help you decide what tests make the most sense to administer given your circumstances; however, the decision will be yours.

Is there a way for me to know if the air inside my home is safe?
Yes, you can have indoor air quality tests conducted to confirm whether or not the air inside your home has one pollutant or another, such as radon, mold, or Formaldehyde.  However, please note that you need to tell us what tests you want to have administered.  There are many possible causes of poor indoor air quality, which may be hard to diagnose.  We cannot guarantee that the test(s) you choose will provide an answer regarding the general quality of the air in your home.

How much does that cost?

The cost varies depending on the test(s) you want us to administer, plus the consultation/trip fee.

Indoor Air Quality Links:

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Our Commitment To Our Clients

Throughout time many things change, one thing that remains consistent is our sincere dedication to our clients. You can trust Aegis for quality, dependable service that is done within the framework of good science. Our staff takes great pride in being service-orientated and going the extra mile to meet our clients’ expectations. Our professional staff will get the job done and work in a manner that will give you the peace of mind you deserve while taking care of your environmental needs.


Jillian Holloway
Jillian Holloway
March 1, 2023
Mya was thorough, knowledgeable & friendly! She went above and beyond to help today! She has a strong background in environmental science and an excellent work ethic! She made sure our questions were addressed and took the time to explain her findings! Keep it up!
Mélanie Clapiès
Mélanie Clapiès
June 23, 2022
We had a fantastic experience with Aegis all along. They were prompt answering and scheduling us for an inspection. Jonathan Hoover came to check our basement for asbestos. He was very knowledgeable and took the time to kindly answer our many questions. It was so reassuring to work with someone so professional, patient, and so accommodating! I would absolutely recommend working with Aegis and won't hesitate hiring their services again in the future.
Rumeet Mehta
Rumeet Mehta
May 30, 2022
Best service, highly recommend!
Kyle Dougherty
Kyle Dougherty
May 24, 2022
Mya was my technician and was quick and easy to work with. Their prices are higher then the others but to me it was worth it since they kept their promise time to get results. This made things much easier for me since I was waiting for these results for my mortgage. Thanks Aegis!
Vance Nonno
Vance Nonno
April 12, 2022
Aegis provided excellent service. The inspector/worker, Jonathan Hoover, that came out was very polite and knowledgeable. I would recommend Aegis Environmental for any residential asbestos concerns.
Seth Wilcock
Seth Wilcock
January 28, 2022
Fantastic company to work with. I'm under contract to buy a home and an underground storage tank was discovered by my home inspector. After a call with Aegis, they were able to get out to the property quickly to assess the problem. Turns out, there are FOUR underground storage tanks present since the property is multi-family. They have been very thorough, professional, and communicative to work with so far. I highly recommend working with them for any/all of your environmental remediation/cleanup needs.
Lily May
Lily May
December 1, 2021
Jonathan was extremely responsive and answered any questions I had immediately! I appreciate his willingness to update me every step of the way and provide me with results I could feel confident in. Highly recommend doing business with this company! You can tell they truly appreciate their customers and put 100% effort into every test!
Andre Malone
Andre Malone
November 9, 2021
Excellent Service. Tech was very informative
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