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Commercial Environmental Consulting – South Bend, IN

Licensed Professional Geologists | Certified Hazardous Materials Managers | OSHA Trained and Certified
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South Bend Indiana Phase I Site Assessements and UST Management

We also provide: Asbestos Assessments, Lead Investigation, Radon Investigation & Remediation, as well as other environmental services

You’re looking at buying a property – do you know what was there 10 years ago? What about 30, 50, or 100 years ago? These are the kind of questions you should be asking before you purchase a commercial property. Past property use can hint at a variety of environmental concerns – from the presence of USTs to contamination, or asbestos. As the property owner you may be liable for cleaning up these issues.

This is particularly important in South Bend, where there is a history of heavy industry and manufacturing. Industrial areas are known for using regulated compounds, and improper use or storage of these compounds can lead to long-term issues for redevelopment. Ensure that environmental due diligence a priority in your commercial property transactions.

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Phase I ESA

Regulated compounds being released into the environment can lead to contamination of soil, soil gas, and groundwater. It is very challenging to know if there is contamination on a property, and a Phase I ESA is a low-cost way to have a professional assess potential environmental risks. Phase I ESAs take a broad approach when assessing risks and pull information from a variety of present and historical sources. It should be one of the first steps when you are looking at purchasing a commercial property.

UST Underground Tank Management

Sometimes you know a UST is present on a property and sometimes you don’t. Regardless of how the UST is found it must be assessed, removed, cleaned, and disposed of in a specific way. This is not only a regulatory requirement, but also critical for the health and safety of the people involved. UST management practices span several areas of expertise and are typically unique project to project. It is critical to have an experienced environmental professional oversee the process to correctly assess the situation and dictate the correct course of action.

Asbestos Assessment & Abatement

Asbestos is a known carcinogen that was widely used in buildings across the US well into the 1970s. When you purchase a commercial property, you will be responsible for any asbestos it contains. This means when the structure is demolished you are liable for its correct disposal, which can be an expensive process. To limit this liability, Aegis has professional asbestos inspectors that can identify asbestos containing materials before you purchase a property.

Lead Investigation

Lead is a natural element, but in high concentrations it can pose a threat to human health. Unfortunately, lead is used in a variety of products, and while it is much more regulated now, historically it was found in common things like paint and gasoline. If a structure was built prior to 1978 (when lead based paint was federally banned) it is prudent to have a lead investigation completed.

Radon Investigation

Radon isotopes are naturally occurring and found almost everywhere. In many cases they are trapped in air within soil and can leak into buildings above. In high concentrations they are known to cause human health issues. If you are looking at purchasing a building in an area with known high levels of radon, it is important to complete a radon investigation. Aegis has professionals available to assess the radon potential at your property and conduct sampling if deemed necessary.

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Limit your environmental liability and complete environmental due diligence prior to completing a commercial property transaction. Aegis Environmental has over 20 years of experience completing this role for countless buyers. For more information call: (219) 221-6092 or request a quote online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Asbestos Services Does Aegis Provide?

We provide a full range of services, from property inspections all the way through asbestos abatement. Some of our main services include demolition/renovation asbestos surveys, air monitoring and analysis, destructive sampling, and clearance sampling.

Is Aegis Capable of Dealing with a Large Tank on an Active Job Site?

We have completed hundreds of tank closures in a variety of environments – from active construction sites to agricultural properties. We actively work with onsite crews to seamlessly manage tank removals with minimal disruption to surrounding work. Furthermore, we preform our work to the highest standards dictated by all oversight agencies and OSHA.

What is Radon, and Why Should I Test for It?

Radon is a naturally occurring and odorless radioactive gas. It’s released into the air when specific elements break down in soil. Over time radon can migrate through openings in a structure’s slab into the building. Migration occurs through cracks, utility penetrations, and even sumps. The acceptable concentration of radon allowed in a structure is dictated by federal and state regulations.

My Lender Needs a Phase I ESA – Does Aegis Provide Reports That Meet Their Requirements?

Yes, our reports will be accepted by your lender. Our Phase I reports comply with the industry standard defined by the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) Standard Practice requirements for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (E1527-21) and Environmental Protection.

Experts in conducting assessment in accordance with American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocols

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